Thursday, November 3, 2011

Welcome to the American Subcontractors Association – Rio Grande Valley Chapter

You are invited to join the ASA-RGV the premier trade association representing the interest of subcontractors and fair business practices in the construction industry. As an ASA Member, you will join the ranks of other specialty trade contractors who get the latest industry trends, access to business tools, and exceptional learning opportunities not available elsewhere.

ASA is on the frontlines of providing its members with instant access to local, state, and national news and information affecting the construction industry

When you join ASA, not only do you get the advocate you need and deserve, you will also receive a broad range of member benefits, services and programs that keep your business on the cutting-edge.

Below you will find highlight of the outstanding benefits of membership and reinforce the value of joining ASA.

The construction business is tough and competition is fierce. Why not have ASA on your side to champion your rights as a subcontractor? The information and experience you’ll gain through membership will give you and your company a competitive edge in the marketplace. I strongly encourage you to fill out the application above and send it in today!

Membership is easy and best of all; it’s an affordable investment that pays for itself. We invite you to discover why construction businesses across the nation have learned that ASA membership is a vital part of their business success and survival.

Together we can make a difference for subcontractors in the construction industry. Start getting the advocacy and full benefits of ASA membership by completing and returning the above membership application. 

Get the Most Out Of Your ASA Membership
Professionalism, pride, involvement, and community spirit - these may be empty words to some, but to ASA members, they are a promise.  A promise that subcontractors can pull together to improve their businesses while they improve the community they serve.  Founded in 1966 so subcontractors could have a place to turn in an industry that was generally hostile to their needs, ASA has become a source of leadership and influence for the Construction Industry. There is so much to gain, if we work together.

You can exercise your rights, improve your business, and improve your community - and you can do it in three easy steps: 1) attend the bi - monthly chapter membership meetings, 2) volunteer for an ASA-RGV Committee, and 3) read ASA publications.

Bi - Monthly meetings feature informative speakers who can help you improve your method of doing business.  To help guide the industry's future while giving something back to your business community, volunteer for an ASA committee.  Through a committee you can help shape legislation, improve relations with other members on the construction team, or assist in charitable projects for your community. It's easy and takes only a few hours a month.

ASA's educational information is the best in the industry.  Your business cannot afford to be outside ASA's inner circle of subcontracting expertise, which can help you find fair subcontracts, get paid promptly and market your services more effectively.  Contact your chapter directors to find out how you can get more out of your membership.

WHAT are the benefits of joining ASA?

ASA Represents Subcontractor's Interests

·         Protecting your contract rights \Improving standard contract documents

·         Lobbyists in Austin, TX and Washington, D.C. working for Subcontractors rights.

·         Protecting your lien rights

Representation on local government issues

  • National newsletter - The Subcontractor

·         Industry specific publications, videos, software from the Specialty Contractor Press (lien law, contract negotiation, payment, etc.).

Enhanced Professional Status

  • Recognized National and State affiliation
  • Professional contacts
  • Representation through construction industry.
Representation on local, state and national levels

·        Opportunity to meet your colleagues from throughout the industry and exchange information about business skills, new technologies, new ideas, old problems, and business contracts
Membership Meetings

  • Timely and informative speakers
  • Fellowship with peers
  • Gain knowledge of the industry
  • Meet subs and suppliers who share your concerns
Special Activities

  • ASA-RGV Annual Golf Tournaments.
  • Spring Annual National ASA Leadership Forum, Fall Annual National ASA Convention, Spring
State Legislature meeting in Austin
Money-Saving Services
ASA National offers programs designed to save you money including discounts on long distance phone service, overnight delivery, fax machines and car rentals